1/3 Deck-building

A Primordial deck must contain at least 40 cards, all cards must come from the same set (reprints are allowed) and:

  • Exactly 2 mythic rare / rare – not more than 1 of any individual mythic rare / rare
  • Exactly 6 uncommon – not more than 2 of any individual uncommon
  • ∞ common – not more than 4 of any individual common, except for basic lands
  • Up to 8 cards in the sideboard, if used

Primordial deck-building rules.

2/3 Banlists



  • Box Sets (Deckmaster 2001, Beatdown, Battle Royale)
  • Casual Supplements sets (Explorers of Ixalan or any set containing « Archenemy », « Planechase » or « Conspiracy » in its name, e.g. « Archenemy: Nicol Bolas »)
  • Commander sets (any set containing « Commander » in its name, e.g. « Commander (2019 Edition) »)
  • Duel Decks sets (any set containing « vs. » in its name, e.g. « Duel Decks: Elves vs. Inventors »)
  • From the Vault sets (any set containing « Signature Spellbook: » or « From The Vault: » in its name, e.g. « From the Vault: Transform »)
  • Ready-to-play Decks sets (Modern Event Deck or Duels of the Planeswalkers Decks or any set containing « Challenger Decks » or « Premium Deck Series: » or « Deck Builder’s Toolkit » or « World Champ Decks » in its name, e.g. « Challenger Decks 2019 »)
  • Reprint Sets (Premium Foil Booster, Anthologies, Chronicles / Renaissance and any set containing « Master » in its name, e.g. « Ultimate Masters »)
  • Two-Headed Giant sets (Battlebond)
  • Un-Sets (Unstable, Unhinged and Unglued)
  • Unclassified (Guild Kits)

If a set is not in this list… then it’s legal! For more details, visit the Wizards’ official sets list (make sure you are looking at the english version).

3/3 Additional rules

  • Mulligan:
    • Primordial uses the London mulligan, which is explained here.
  • Sideboard:
    • Your sideboard must only contain cards that have been printed in a non-banned set.
    • Your deck must still be compliant with the Primordial deck-building rules after swapping… (yes, some people do ask).
  • Cards rarity:
    • The rarity of the cards depends on the set of your deck.
    • The rarity of Timeshifted cards depends on their original set (Arena is considered as rare).
  • Basic lands:
    • Any of the five non-snow covered basic lands can be played in any set.
  • Cards that explicitly refer to another card from another set:
  • Cards saying, « a deck can have any number of cards named […] »:
    • Well, as it is written above… a deck can have any number of these cards (no matter their rarity).
  • Two Headed Giant (much fun):
    • The Primordial uses the official Two Headed Giant rules, officialy summarised here, with the following details:
      • The following rule does not apply: « In Constructed, Two-Headed Giant has unified Constructed rules. This means that across the two decks, only four copies of any non-basic land card are allowed to be shared between them. » (Because of the rule below.)
      • Teams must be randomly matched.

Rules version 1.02