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Quick start

A Primordial deck must contain at least 40 cards, all cards must come from the same set (reprints are allowed) and:

  • Exactly 2 mythic rare / rare – not more than 1 of any individual mythic rare / rare
  • Exactly 6 uncommon – not more than 2 of any individual uncommon
  • ∞ common – not more than 4 of any individual common, except for basic lands
  • Up to 8 cards in the sideboard, if used

Primordial deck-building rules.

Visit the Rules page for more details (banlists and additionnal rules).

Founding principles

The rules of Primordial have been determined and will always be adjusted in accordance with the following founding principles:

  • Rare cards have to be rare, uncommon cards have to be uncommon and common cards have to be common.
  • The atmosphere, the mechanics and the story of the multiverse must live through our games.
  • Almost all players must be able to play together and almost all cards must be playable.
Apocalypse Hydra By Jason Chan for Wizards of the Coast.
« I used to live in a shoe-box. Thanks to Primordial, I’m double-sleeved and I kick ass every weekend. » – Lucie, Apocalypse Hydra on Alara (Illus. Jason Chan for WotC).


Launched in August 2017, Primordial is a constructed format for Magic: The Gathering. Close to the feelings offered by limited (booster draft or sealed deck) and beginner decks, it is both accessible and, potentially, competitive. It won’t stop some of your friends from playing horrible control lists or just being better than you, but if you’ve always loved playing cards because they had beautiful illustrations, this format is probably the one for you… even if it’s you, the friend who’s playing control.