Quick start

Visual explanation of the Primordial deck building rules (explained below in plain text)

A Primordial deck must contain at least 40 cards, all cards must come from the same set (reprints are allowed) and:

  • Exactly 2 mythic rare / rare – not more than 1 of any individual mythic rare / rare
  • Exactly 6 uncommon – not more than 2 of any individual uncommon
  • ∞ common – not more than 4 of any individual common, except for basic lands
  • Up to 8 cards in the sideboard, if used

In other words, pick up a set, 40 cards and see how you can deal with all the crazy things that could be found in the Multiverse.

A Limited inspired Constructed format

Launched in August 2017, Primordial is a Limited inspired alternative Constructed format for Magic: The Gathering. Close to the feelings offered by Booster Draft, Sealed Deck and beginners decks, it is both open and competitive. In short, Primordial is a format where:

  • Rare cards are rare
  • Korozda Monitor is a serious option
  • Everybody can play (whatever their budget)

Primordial Readme

No matter the format you’re playing at, having fun largely depends on how you and your opponents will behave before, during and after your games.

  • Before your games, take a shower and put on clean clothes
  • During your games, smile, communicate with your opponent and try not to talk to people outside the game
  • After your games, whether you managed to be the winner or you ended up being the loser, don’t over do it