Original events

Source Primordiale

Illustration Source PrimordialeThe Source Primordiale is our main competitive event, usually organized IRL.

  • Tournament type: Bo3 Swiss-system.
  • Main prize: a place on the Wall of Fame.

If you’re used to organizing Magic: The Gathering events and if you’re interested in Primordial, what about organizing the next Source Primordiale?! Let’s talk about this on Discord.

Upcoming edition: not yet planned.

Primordial League

Illustration Primordial LeagueThe Primordial League is a friendly event held online for the Primordial Discord server community (join us!).

  • Tournament type: best effort Bo1 round-robin (everyone tries to meet everyone, you play your games with whoever you want, whenever you want).
  • Duration: 2 or 3 weeks.
  • Platform: Cockatrice.
  • Prize: the first three receive a symbolic award and their lists are registered in the Primordial Deckstats.
  • Note: there is no list validation but you should not modify it during the event…. don’t be evil.

Upcoming edition: not yet planned.


No matter the format you’re playing at, having fun largely depends on how you and your opponents will behave before, during and after your games.

  • Before your games, take a shower and put on clean clothes
  • During your games, smile, communicate with your opponent and try not to talk to people outside the game
  • After your games, whether you managed to be the winner or you ended up being the looser, don’t over do it

And everything should be fine!