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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I help ?

  • If you like Primordial and want to help it grow, it’s very simple, play it and share it!

Why do I have to play exactly 2 mythic rare / rare and exactly 6 uncommon (in other words, why can’t I replace them by common)?

  • Although one might think that this would be insignificant, it appears that decks based solely on common benefit from a significant variability reduction. Spike players started building unfair decks based only on common and this was considered incompatible with the spirit of Primordial. This obligation has been added during the beta.

Why not use a point system like in Canadian Highlander?

  • The point system is a very powerfull tool, however it is not adapted to Primordial. This would make the rules more complex and reduce the format’s accessibility (it would have to be applied to all sets in a certain way).

Why is this card not yet banned?

  • If a card is not banned, it is because no one has yet proven its degenerative power. However, if you think you can do it, come and prove it on our Discord!

Why can’t I pick up some cards from another set?

  • This may seem paradoxical, but a wider choice leads to less diversity. Indeed, being able to pick up some cards from other sets (even if they were from the same block) would lead to a large power-level increase, which would make far too many cards “unplayable”.