Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is banned and Learning, and Companion Rarity Rule in Rules Update v3.3 is being altered.

Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is banned.

A turn one Ragavan is up there among the most powerful plays in any of Magic’s many formats. Magic’s most infamous monkey broke free of its Modern Horizons printing and became Primordial legal with the release of Multiverse Legends in March of the Machine. While a few other Modern Horizons cards have slid their way into legality through other reprints, I don’t feel that Ragavan is of an appropriate power level for the format due to the significantly lower overall power of Primordial. As such, Ragavan, Nimble Pilferer is banned in Primordial.

The Wishing, Learning, and Companion Rarity Rule in Rules Update v3.3 is being altered.

Moving forward, this will be the standard: The “copies of one card” based on rarity numbers extend across both the mainboard and sideboard. Put simply, you can play no more than four total copies of any given common, two total copies of any given uncommon, or one total copy of any rare or mythic rare in both your mainboard and sideboard. We believe this opens up format possibilities while preventing abuse cases (such as the “Oops All Mascot Exhibition” or “4 Oko” decks). The most prevalent uses for this rules change include:

  • Companions have made their way back into the format. Formerly banned through this rule, they are now permitted so long as you do not run a second copy of any given Companion in the mainboard. I understand there are some concerns about Lurrus of the Dream-Den being made legal once again. With the banning of Zenith Flare, the IKO Cycling deck has lost some of its most explosive potential. However, Lurrus is an infamous card for a reason, and I’ll be keeping a close eye to see if it warrants action in the future.
  • Rare and Mythic Lessons can now be accessed through the Learn mechanic in STX.
  • General Wish effects can now be used to bring rare or mythic cards from the sideboard into the game.