Hey Hey! Wanna try some aggro deck? Wanna give a headache to your opponent who need to calculate how many damage he’s going to take? Come and try this deck then!

The goal of your deck is to be the most aggressive as possible, but also to gain Battalion advantage by attacking with three creatures at the same time! Your whole deck is filled with Boros soldiers who love teamfights, like Wojek Halberdiers or Daring Skyjek. You can also use Bomber Corps to remove small creatures or deal extra damage to the face. Boros Elite is a small soldier who will grow each time his team needs him, while Firefist Striker will deal with a bothering blocker, like a deathtouch creature. Foundry Street Denizen is an aggressive 1-Drop Wich can grow in a more dangerous creature as the game goes. To be sure you can trigger Battalion on turn 3, you got Skyknight Legionnaire and the powerful Legion Loyalist, two haste creature. You even gain another Battalion effect with Loyalist! And to close the game, Firemane Avenger is here to Lightning Helix every creature on your way to victory!

You also got plenty of spells to answer different treats. Boros Charm is a flexible instant that can protect your board or deal some extra damage, while Skullcrack can shut down lifelink strategies. In addition to this, Mugging work as a good removal or can break a good defense.

In the side, you got another copy of Boros Charm and one of Mugging, an answer to artifacts, protection for your creatures. You also got additional removals against biggest beasts, and Gideon, Champion of Justice to restart the game if you need.

Gatecrash – WR – Aggro by soulsR

Credits: find all the scientists papers from soulsR and others on our Discord server. Art by Nic Klein for Wizards of the Coast. Image from Scryfall.