Hello Primordial players, today we’re looking at a very special deck from Kaladesh, a temur energy deck! And no, no more “Companions breaking Primordial” because companions are far less broken now.

The main goal of the deck is to amass an absurd amount of energy counter by various ways, like Glassblower’s Puzzleknot or Aether Theorist, to then cast the biggest fireball ever using Aethertorch Renegade.

If you can’t get big on energy, you also have an aggressive plan using Voltaic Brawler and Thriving Rhino, alongside with Bristling Hydra, who can protect itself while growing more and more.

If you need some removal, you can use your Harnessed Lightning to blast any creature on the board. And if all your energy plan got countered, you just can use Nissa, Vital Force to crush your opponent under the power of your lands.

You may say: “this deck seems well but playing three colors is hard in Primordial!”. Wrong! In this deck you got four copies of Attune with Aether, wich is gonna fix your lands drops while powering up your energy!

In the side, you got some Revolutionary Rebuff and Appetite for the Unnatural to deal with annoying spells or permanents. Two copies of Woodweaver’s Puzzleknot would be enough against aggressive decks, and Dynavolt Tower can be used as a third Aethertorch Renegade against interactive matchups.

Kaladesh – URG – Energy by soulsR

Credits: find all the scientists papers from soulsR and others on our Discord server. Art by Johann Bodin for Wizards of the Coast. Image from Scryfall.