Aka Companions breaking Primordial, episode 2.

Do you know what I love? Playing Commander. So today, we’re going to build a deck to feel exactly like playing EDH. So let’s go deep into deckbuilding!

Lutri, the Spellchaser do have an interesting restriction. You’re forced to play singleton! But on the other hand, you get a free 3/2 that let you copy any instant or sorcery you cast. Obviously we’re going to look for powerful instant or sorcery to copy and get advantage from it.

At first, you need to control the board to keep it clear from enemy menaces. To do it, you get many removals, such as Pacifism, Divine Arrow or Flame Spill.

Then, fill your own board with cards like Pyroceratops or Sprite Dragon, wich grow with each spell you cast.

You can then end the game with a powerful Sharknado Shark Typhoon and submerge your opponent with so many sharks that you could think you’re in Jaws.

Your deck is filled with removals, but in case you need more, your sideboard is here for you! You can clear the board of an aggro deck with Mythos of Vadrok or Blazing Volley. You can recur your instants or sorcery using Vadrok, Apex of Thunder, to fuel your Sharknado and stack more removal!

Anyway, enjoy playing EDH in a Primordial game, and have fun!

Ikoria: Lair of Behemoths – WUR – Lutri by soulsR

Credits: find all the scientists papers from soulsR and others on our Discord server. Art by Lie Setiawan for Wizards of the Coast. Image from Scryfall.