Do you like toolboxes, tutors? Ramping, and feeling like you play a EDH deck with lots of recursion and CA? Being able to deal with tons of permanents? Then here is the deck for you.

I played it first in the late 2018 after a challenge for a league, and wrote a primer about it at that time, which you can find here, as it’s too long to be posted in this post.

Alas, the main weakness of this set is the low amount of cards overall, meaning even less good playables, so there isn’t much room to tune it.

Anyway, enjoy playing all 5 colors, finding anything in your deck/graveyard anytime, and looping Engineered Explosives with Auriok Salvagers!

Fifth Dawn – WU – Wuxxx Value Toolbox by Aliquanto

Credits: find all the scientists papers from Aliquanto and others on our Discord server. Art by Randy Gallegos for Wizards of the Coast. Image from Scryfall.