Let’s stay on point with banned cards! This time, we’re trying to break Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis.

Mind Rake and Winding Way work as both value tools and enablers, filling your GY, and drawing cards or making your opponent discard. It also helps to discard Hogaak, or Genesis. Mother Bear also generates value in the GY. Twin-Silk Spider and Rotwidow Pack can provide multiple bodies at once for Hogaak, while having spider synergies for more reach. Nimble Mongoose works as a hard-to-remove clock against control decks. And Diabolic Edict helps against creatures decks, while even enabling you to sacrifice your own Hogaak in case it got enchanted or risks to be exiled. Tranquil Thicket and Barren Moor enable to play a high land count while taking slots for uncommon cards, and makes Winding Way even more interesting.

Deck: MH1 – BG Graveyard {b}{g}
Main Sideboard
2Barren Moor 2Crypt Rats {2}{B}
3Diabolic Edict {1}{B}1Force of Vigor {2}{G}{G}
1Genesis {4}{G}1Plague Engineer {2}{B}
1Hogaak, Arisen Necropolis {5}{B/G}{B/G}4Weather the Storm {1}{G}
4Mind Rake {2}{B}
3Mother Bear {1}{G}
3Nimble Mongoose {G}
2Rotwidow Pack {2}{B}{G}
7Snow-Covered Forest
6Snow-Covered Swamp
2Tranquil Thicket
3Twin-Silk Spider {2}{G}
3Winding Way {1}{G}
40cards 8cards
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Art by Vincent Proce for Wizards of the Coast. Image from Scryfall.