Source Primordiale – Next One: not yet planned

The Source Primordiale is our main competitive event, usually organized IRL (“paper Magic”).

  • Tournament type: Bo3 Swiss-system
  • Number of players: undetermined
  • Prize pool:
    • Then, one booster or more is open per player
      • Rare cards are put aside to form the prize pool (starting from the first, each player will pick one)
      • Foil cards are given randomly
      • What remains of the boosters can be picked up by anyone who wants it
  • Entry fees: none

If you’re used to organizing Magic: The Gathering events and if you’re interested in Primordial, what about organizing the next one?

Primordial Discord Tournament – Next one: not yet planned

The Primordial Discord Tournament is a competitive event held online for the Primordial Discord server community.

  • Tournament type: Bo3 Swiss-system
  • Number of players: 6 to 16
  • Platform: Discord / Cockatrice
  • Prize pool (Cardmarket or Star City Games coupons):
    • 3 rounds tournament (6 to 8 players):
      • 1st place: 10€
      • 2nd place: 5€
      • 3rd place: 5€
      • 4th place: 5€ (prize unlocked at 8 players)
    • 4 rounds tournament (9 to 16 players):
      • 1st place: 20€
      • 2nd place: 10€
      • 3rd place: 10€
      • 4th place: 10€
      • 5th place: 10€ (prize unlocked at 14 players)
  • Entry fees: none (free)
  • Duration: 4 weeks max. (1 week per game max.)

Check the Primordial Discord Tournament ELO leaderboard.